Dauphin County Tile Contractor

JD Tile is a tile contractor in Dauphin County and surrounding counties specializing in the tile phases of kitchen and bathroom remodeling since 1999. He is a Certified Tile Installer passing a written and hands on test given by the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation. JD Tile is custom tile installation, listening to the customer’s ideas from beginning to the end of the project. The vision of the customer is turned into a masterpiece using experience, skill, and industry standards along with creative ideas when needed. The tile industry has been flooded by large format tile, using larger tiles creates new challenges for the installer. In order to succeed he uses new products and techniques created just for this large format tile by definition is 15 or more inches in length on one side. In this day and age most flooring stores hire subcontractors. JD Tile is tile specific not a flooring contractor, a tile contractor only doing tile for the last 20 years now since doing it as a hobby in the Air Force. Jon does the estimate and the installation, nothing gets lost in translation. Small shop more value to the customer.

JD Tile will serve at the general contractor if needed on a job bringing in the necessary professionals in other trades such as plumbing and electrical. For showers he can provide the glass panel installation as well. He works closely with fabrication shops when granite or marble elements are needed.

Photos of kitchen tile installations

Below is a black and white foyer in a historical mansion in Cornwall, PA. The homeowner wanted to bring back the timeless entryway with black and white marble. The customer did not want any of the existing ornate base undercut so JD Tile cut around every piece using a special diamond band saw for tile. The result was a stunning entryway bringing back the a timeless entryway!

Cornwall Mansion Marble Foyer

JD Tile is trained and experienced in Laminam thin porcelain tile installation as well by Crossville and other manufacturers. If you have a tile or a natural stone related project, give JD Tile a call. Please visit the “portfolio” page to see the many projects JD Tile has been involved in over the years. Visit the “references” page to see what customers have to say. Send a message on the contact page if you want JD to give you an estimate. Even if he is not doing the job he is willing to educate the customer. Unfortunately the HGTV shows are misleading homeowners showing more of the finished product but not all the work involved in the whole process. These shows are aimed at selling products not emphasizing the need for a tile professional. This leads to a misinformed homeowner with unrealistic expectations on cost and the time element.

The travertine below shows the creativity achieved when JD Tile works closely with the customer to turn their vision into reality. A lot of brainstorming went on prior to the actual start of this project, JD Tile takes the time to work with the customer before the start of the shower to get the most optimized layout.

Finished travertine shower, custom shower customer towel

Finished travertine shower, custom shower towel