Dauphin County Professional Tile Installer

JD Tile is a professional tile contractor in Dauphin County and surrounding counties since 1999. He is Certified Tile Installer #825. Industry standards have been his guide to high quality installation for the last 18 years. What started as a hobby while in the Air Force turned into a career. As owner Jon does the estimate and the installation, nothing lost in translation. JD Tile is the top choice in the area as he has concentrated just on tile seeking knowledge and experience in his travels collaborating with others in the trade across the United States. He brings a high level of design, skill, and experience to your table along with creativity unmatched. He will turn your choice of materials into a masterpiece.

Masterbath with porcelain, marble, and granite.

Tile showers are his specialty but any project involving tile or natural stone keeps him busy. While most tile contractors rush to get the job finished, JD Tile makes sure all the waterproofing is 100% complete before moving onto the tile phase. Doing it once and doing it right is critical, JD Tile gets many calls of failures in showers. The jobs are rushed and the contractors doing them don’t have the experience, they concentrate more on the finish vs the most important part the waterproofing.

Mediterranea Forest with pebble floor, niches, and feature band. Granite accents.

JD Tile is trained and experienced in Laminam thin porcelain tile installation as well by Crossville and other manufacturers. If you have a tile or a natural stone related project, give JD Tile a call. Please visit the “portfolio” page to see the many projects JD Tile has been involved in over the years. Visit the “references” page to see what customers have to say. Send a message on the contact page if you want JD to give you an estimate.