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Master bathroom published in TileLetter

Tile started as a hobby for Jon while he was in the Air Force, he enjoyed it so much a year after getting out he did his first tile installation as a tile contractor in 1999. In 2007 he gained national recognition getting his Mechanicsburg master bathroom project into publication. The project was chosen among entries all over the United States competing against larger companies. This project included a tile shower, double bowl backsplash, sunken tub with pillars, feature tiles, marble pillars and a green ming marble floor. Tile installation became his passion gaining experience in design as well. The master bathroom in a home is the most important tile project in a home because of the water element. A leak from a shower can cause mold which can grow in the wall, eventually the homeowners are breathing it in causing a potential health risk while the occupants don’t even know the mold is in the wall growing till it’s too late. JD Tile waterproofs his showers 100% before any tile is installed.

JD Tile uses the best products available using mainly Laticrete, Schluter, Wedi, and Noble products. The tile industry sees many failures in showers mainly because in new construction the goal is to get them done fast not right. Industry standards are used as his guide to successful tile installation. For the value a tile installation adds to your home, JD Tile will give you a fair price. The price will be a portion of the value of what the installation will add to your home. You are not just paying for an installation you are paying for the experience needed to have a lasting shower for instance, one that won’t leak and need to be done in a couple years. You can pay once to have it done right, or pay a second time if the contractor you hire just wants it done vs done right. JD Tile’s strength is working with people.

In this home the decor was ornate but JD Tile has done every level of tile projects from this one to the most simple design. One thing about doing tile is no two installations are the alike, and this field is always presenting new challenges with new materials and larger format tiles being produced to include thin porcelain tile by Laminam.