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Hershey PA Contemporary Shower Installation

The client came to JD Tile after a major renovation in her home. She did not feel confident with the GC doing the tile shower. She also wanted someone closer and someone who was just a tile contractor. Customer already had the tile and working closely with JD Tile we worked out the details. 12X36″ tiles were installed on the walls up the the 10′ ceiling. Schluter Bright White aluminum profiles were used to finish all edges to include the window and niche. The niche was custom framed for the customer and extra shelve was made in case customer wants a second shelf. The curb top and sil were white corian. The a kerdi drain was used and glass pebbles used in the pan. The large format tiles were a concern for the customer as the specs were calling for a 1/16″ inch grout line, lippage was also a concern. JD Tile used the MLT, Mechanical Lippage Tuning system to achieve a 99% lippage free installation. The walls previously installed by the GC were not plumb so experienced was used to correct this with his many years of experience. Bright White Epoxy grout was used in the shower. The many years of experience paid off for another successful installation with the new format tiles of today. The challenge of this installation shows why a homeowner should have an experienced tile contractor who has kept up with the new materials that keep coming out by the manufacturers. The customer was very satisfied and glad she found the right tile contractor. She already wants him to work on her home in Michigan because she knows he will work with her to get the desired results.
Finished shower in Hershey PA

Finished shower in Hershey PA

Raimondi Tile Saw

Raimondi Tile Saw

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