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Hummelstown Master Bathroom Renovation

JD Tile recently took on a master bathroom project in Hummelstown over the Christmas holidays into the New Year. This project consisted of a walk in shower with half wall, jacuzzi tub, floor, and backsplash. The granite elements were provided by a fabrication shop, the shower granite was installed by JD Tile. Countertop was installed by the fabrication shop. JD Tile has a lot of experience working in the stone realm so we know how to install granite and do it ourselves because of the timing of putting it in with the tile. This project consisted of installing Wedi Panels over the stud bay, 2 niches by Noble, tile by Mediterranea, and pebbles by Bali. The double sink vanity tile was a mosaic mix of stone and glass. The tiles on the bathroom floor were 13X13 ane 12X24’s were used in the shower. Pebbles were used on the shower floor along with a kerdi drain. Pebbles were also used in the back of the niches and to make a feature band in the shower along with a band to top off the tub area. Questech pencil rails completed the feature bands. Spectralock epoxy grout was used as JD Tile only uses epoxy in bathrooms for the best results. We believe in a high quality installation and high quality of grout which will never fade and give the customer the lowest amount of maintenance. Over the years we have see a lot of grout in showers discolored because contractors use sanded grout which is easier to put in. Not the best choice. Epoxy the best, premixed grouts would be the next type of grout to use. Tub is complete with access panel. 056 065 072 20150105_181117 20150105_173635 20150102_131038 20141223_151728 20141223_151656 20141216_082513

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