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    Metallic FX Epoxy Floor Coating

JD Tile is now offering Metallic FX Epoxy coatings.

Metallic FX is a high quality, unique metallic epoxy system used in a variety of spaces including living spaces, offices, showrooms, garages, retail stores and more. Comes in 20 amazing colors that can be blended and combined to create a one of a kind floor.

Metallic FX is one of the best epoxy floor coating systems with superior flow and depth of image. SurfKoat offers many different urethane and wax top coats to protect and compliment a beautiful unique Metallic FX floor.

The process consists of prepping the concrete if needed, primer and bond coat, with the final coat of metallic epoxy finished off with a urethane finish. If multiple colors are used ribbons of color are poured onto the surface to create a unique finish such as the one above for the JD Tile shop. This finish is not a boring one like so many seen with a grey color and colored chips. Metallic FX is one you can create depth to your floor. You can create a marble look, unlimited possibilities. Call JD today to get an estimate!

See the process below!

Epoxy Flooring Before
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring