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Shower Remodel in Harrisburg PA

This year JD Tile has done quite a few showers due to failure in the contractors building them correctly. In many cases from what I have seen in new homes the tile work in showers falls short of the quality I see in the rest of the home. It seems many general contractors do not employ a full time professional tile mechanic who knows the proper methods. They often hire subcontractors and after the homeowner moves in the shower later fails. JD Tile gets calls about these types of showers often in fairly new homes of water leaking into the room below. In the case of this shower in Harrisburg where the home was only about 7 years old the quality of installation in the master bathroom did not meet industry standards. The general contractor took many shortcuts. They tiled directly to the plywood vs a substrate over the plywood. The result was cracking tile at the plywood seams below the tile. The failure in the shower was nails through the liner which compromised the shower pan. Water started leaking through the pan area into the garage below. The drywall was removed in the garage ceiling to pinpoint the leak. The shower pan was above it. While removing the shower pan, the first row of tiles were falling off the walls. Sheetrock without any waterproofing was used in the shower, cement board was used just for the rows of listellos. The waterproofing failed because the pan was not installed properly and there was no waterproofing. After tearing out the existing shower JD Tile gave the customer the shower she should have had when she moved in. There was insulation missing in the outside shower wall cavity as well. JD Tile removed the arch from the doorway and put up a new header. The wall facing the tub area now houses a window for light to get into the shower, along with a nice niche and drop down shower bench. The original listellos were saved and cleaned up to be used in the new shower in the new feature panel. This helped with the continuity in the master bathroom as the tub and splash area were not torn out. Granite was used in the doorway and window framing and in the niche as the sil. Pebbles were used on the shower floor. The customer now has her dream shower waterproofed correctly. A flood test was done to ensure the pan area is properly waterproofed. Wedi Panels were use in the wall and Hyrdro Ban was used on all the seams and penetrations. Once again JD Tile comes in and has to fix a shower not done properly. A shower is only as good as the waterproofing below it, now matter how good it looks on the outside. At JD Tile we ensure it is waterproofed correctly before we do any tile. 20141117_141138 20141117_141128 20141117_134329 20141117_134256 20141025_104004 20140718_104225 20140718_095116 20140718_091032 20140718_090206

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