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Backsplash in Morgantown using leftover tile and granite scraps

JD Tile recently returned to Morgantown PA to do a kitchen backsplash as the customers had the granite countertops installed. They had tiled about 650 sq. ft. previously with the Crossville 18″ Ecocycle Americana series. All the materials used on the backsplash were leftover tile. The Crossville 18″ tile was but down by JD Tile to 4″ squares, the leftover piece of granite was cut into 2″ squares and milled down to the thickness of the tile. Getting creative and working with the customer to get the best possible layout and brainstorming is what many installers don’t offer. They don’t want to spend much time with the customer, they want to get in and get out. For JD Tile we like to work with the customer and spend time so they get the most value and we know we did the installation the best it can be. We brainstorm with the customer to get the best ideas to create their masterpiece, putting their vision into reality.
Finished backsplash with oven feature.

Finished backsplash with oven feature.

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