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Barrier free Master Shower in Lebanon PA

Barrier free shower with linear drain in Lebanon PA. JD Tile worked closely with the customer to determine what she wanted. Creative elements with granite selected by customer were added to the choice of Crossville Americana Beige 18 inch tiles. The niches were done all in granite and lined up perfectly with the grout joints. The design of the shower floor mirrors the ceiling with a granite donut created to accept the rain shower antique brass hardware. NuHeat cables were installed in the floor of this master bathroom to provide the radiant heat in the tile for added comfort. The linear drain in the back wall of the shower goes all the way across and the diagonal tile design in the floor carriers across the drain. Pony or half walls were incorporated vs the original design of full walls in order to allow the natural light to enter the shower area. The shower was entered the the annual CID Awards(Coverings Installation Design) Awards put out by the NTCA(National Tile Contractors Association) in the category of tile and design. The project was in the top 5. JD Tile works closely with customers offering many years experience to give design ideas and custom high end installation not needing a designer. Design is a strong point of JD Tile. Continuity is mission essential always dealing with customer directly. Small business equals large value to customer. JD Tile 059-8x10 JD Tile 108-8x10 20131230_152458 20131230_152505 20131208_164216_LLS 20131214_123432 20131215_134415 20131203_151441

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