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Tile Floor in Morgantown PA with Crossville 18X18 Alamo

JD Tile is currently working on a floor in Morgantown PA. Water from a leaking valve went down through the 2nd floor while the homeowners were away and destroyed the first floor kitchen and flooring. After assessing the job and doing an estimate JD Tile was hired. JD Tile offered to use ditra instead of traditional cement board and remove the existing linoleum and luan to meet up to the hardwood. We always say the best transitions are none. Transitions from hardwood to tile or carpet to tile have become a strength for JD Tile. Rarely ever are any strips used to transition. At times we used Schluter profiles just to protect the edge of a tile at a doorway if the tile has been cut. The area to be tiled throughout included the kitchen, sun room, mud room, closets and hallways to run throughout so layout was critical. Another of JD Tile’s strengths is taking time to get the best layout. This has always been and always will be critical. The first tile put down is the most critical as it is a building block for the rest on a floor. The other contractors were not concerned about the transition from the tile to hardwood they would just use a transition strip. They were going to nail the cement board right over the existing floor. By using ditra vs the traditional cement board like hardi backer there is very little added weight to the structure. Cement board does not strengthen a floor it adds a lot of weigh to it. Ditra is very light and has uncoupling properties now recognized by the tile industry in the TCNA Handbook. The customer went to Garden State Tile in Lancaster and found a tile they really liked by Crossville, Alamo Ecocycle Americana Series. JD Tile recommended 18″ tiles since it was a large area of over 600 sq. ft. The pattern chosen was offset 50%. SpectraLock epoxy grout will be used in the installation for longevity, stain resistant never needs to be sealed. They also chose some 12″ tile for the upstairs bathroom by Crossville, Grand Canyon. JD Tile has a Barwalt tile shack that contains all the water from a tile saw so working inside avoids the constant trips outside in freezing temps saving time on the installation and energy. TonysRoom (1) 20141125_164736 20141125_164723 20141121_140413 20141121_092825 20141120_155831

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