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Steam Shower in Lititz PA

JD Tile completed a steam shower in Lititz, PA. Steam showers are more common in commercial environments but with the advancement of products in the tile industry steam showers are becoming more common in the residential realm. A shower requires a moisture barrier so the water does not get beyond the shower into the walls. A steam shower requires a vapor barrier. For this steam shower we used the Hyrdro Ban sheet membrane to vapor proof the vertical surfaces and ceiling. The shower pan has a conventional liner with a 6″ drain, a customer request. Normally we use a standard 4″ drain. The Kohler steam unit in positioned behind the shower. For the opening to the shower it must be 100% sealed for maximum benefit for the steam to be contained. The glass door will encompass the entire opening. This shower had two vertical glass liners, two corner shelves, one wall to wall shelf and a pebble floor. The grout was Spectra Epoxy as we always use epoxy in our showers. Pebbles on the shower floor.

dual vertical glass liners

wall to wall shelf

solid material corner shelves

Kohler Steam Generator

Vapor proofed with pebbles on shower floor

JD Tile yard sign

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Hershey PA Contemporary Shower Installation

The client came to JD Tile after a major renovation in her home. She did not feel confident with the GC doing the tile shower. She also wanted someone closer and someone who was just a tile contractor. Customer already had the tile and working closely with JD Tile we worked out the details. 12X36″ tiles were installed on the walls up the the 10′ ceiling. Schluter Bright White aluminum profiles were used to finish all edges to include the window and niche. The niche was custom framed for the customer and extra shelve was made in case customer wants a second shelf. The curb top and sil were white corian. The a kerdi drain was used and glass pebbles used in the pan. The large format tiles were a concern for the customer as the specs were calling for a 1/16″ inch grout line, lippage was also a concern. JD Tile used the MLT, Mechanical Lippage Tuning system to achieve a 99% lippage free installation. The walls previously installed by the GC were not plumb so experienced was used to correct this with his many years of experience. Bright White Epoxy grout was used in the shower. The many years of experience paid off for another successful installation with the new format tiles of today. The challenge of this installation shows why a homeowner should have an experienced tile contractor who has kept up with the new materials that keep coming out by the manufacturers. The customer was very satisfied and glad she found the right tile contractor. She already wants him to work on her home in Michigan because she knows he will work with her to get the desired results.
Finished shower in Hershey PA

Finished shower in Hershey PA

Raimondi Tile Saw

Raimondi Tile Saw

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Hummelstown Shower Pan Demo & Rebuild

Recently JD Tile took on what many contractors will not, a shower pan tear out and redo.  For this project many contractors would have wanted to do a total tear out of the shower/glass block walls.   JD Tile assessed the project to be a shower pan & bench tearout and to rebuild the subfloor and add new support where needed.  Obvious moisture and mold were evident on top of the shower floor and underneath the plywood was black from moisture getting through the liner.  A suspected lack of preslope was confirmed.  Advised customer to stop using shower as moisture was feeding the mold to grow.  Had nothing been done to this shower in a couple years the entire wing that shower was in would have been destroyed by mold. When measuring the pan for the size the tape measure caught tiles on the edge and pulled them up, saturation of the mud bed was obvious.  The water had not only damaged the plywood subfloor but also some of the joist structure.  2×4’s and 2×6’s were added and new 3/4″ plywood was installed to replace the entire subfloor.  The corner bench was removed and the customer wanted the same size installed.  Solid piece fabrication was provided and fabricated by JD Tile to custom fit the top of the seat and rounded off for safety.  Customer had previous tiles used to replace first row of tile walls removed in order to carry waterproofing up the wall to give a 100% pan seal effect with new kerdi drain brushed brass and kerdi surface waterproofing.  New p-trap installed as well due to old one clogged most likely during the actual building of the home back in the late 90’s.   One of the biggest challenges of a project like this is having all the right tools and knowing the structure of a shower pan throughout.  JD Tile has previously torn out shower pans with a liner and lead pans.  Here is the process from the start to finish.  Laticrete’s SpectraLock epoxy grout was used and the same color in Latisil 100% silicone caulk was used to caulk the bench to wall seam.    

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Chalkboard Slate Slab Shower Millersburg Dauphin County PA

This project for JD Tile consisted of working with an architect, the customer!  His vision was to use chalkboard slate slabs previously used at an old schoolhouse. He bought the slate at an auction.  Each slab of slate was approximately 4′ by 4′ and some larger.  Each piece had to be cut and dry fit before installing it.  Waterproofed the shower with kerdi waterproofing.  The shower pan is a kohler cast iron pan.  A piece of slate was put on the ceiling as well.  This project was framed out by the customer years ago, he needed an installer who had experience working with slabs.  I worked on a large slab installation back in 2009 on the Lancaster Convention Center/ Marriott Project with other subcontractors putting 3 mm slabs in.  The customer found JD Tile through the John Bridge Tile Forum where Jon is a professional advisor.  He is always looking for uniques projects like this most installers are afraid to take on because they have not worked with slabs.  The architect customer incorporated a unique idea bringing the wall out to create a shelf. This material was about 3/8″ in thickness.  Tuscan leveling system was used to insure the joints were flush.   Laticrete 317 thinset was used.  Mineral Oils are going to be used on slate to condition it.

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Tile Shower Remodel in Lancaster PA with sliced pebbles, May 2012

Fiberglass shower enclosure removed, pony wall added. 

Perma base cement board used in wet area.  Cement board coated with Laticrete’s Hyrdro Ban.  Schluter’s Kerdi drain assembly flange with sloped mud shower pan.  Schluter ditra membrane installed on bathroom floor over plywood.

White mini wave sliced pebbles on shower pan, 10X16″ tiles vertical and horizontal on shower walls, sliced pebble panel with glass mosaic frame and liner, same pebbles on shower pan.  Seat, shelves,  curb, and knee wall toppers are all noche.  Drain is kerdi drain brushed nickel.  Shower is now ready for next phase the plumbing trim plates and glass enclosure.   Tile purchased at Garden State Tile in Lancaster PA.  Great support was provided by their staff.

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